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We can provide your own regular Staff Radio Programme - at very low cost!
This is an innovative way of improving your Internal Communications, as well as increasing Employee Engagement!

The problem is that most Internal Comms require staff to read lots of information - emails, intranet pages, printed newsletters or magazines. etc. The reality is that most simply don't make the time to do it!

What we recommend is your own weekly Radio Show, an all-speech programme that staff can simply listen to.

Not only is it much easier to take in information when someone is telling you, Radio is a unique medium in that you can be listening while getting on with other tasks. That's why it's even more effective than video

Staff can listen at their desks on their computer,  while having a break, even while driving or on a bus via a simple Smartphone App.

We would suggest including details of new Product Lines or Services, changes in Working Practices, new Management, Job Opportunities - in fact anything you would normally want to inform staff about by traditional means. Some of the information would just be given by the Presenter, some may take the form of a short Interview - so staff could actually hear a member of Senior Management being asked about a new project!

We can also include details of Social Events, Staff Trips, Discount Schemes, visiting Roadshows, and it's a great way of telling your employees the results of any Feedback Forums.


We would normally suggest a 15 - 20 minute Programme each week. This is then uploaded to your servers, so staff can simply click a Link to listen online to that week's show.

To save time (and costs) we normally record all the Interviews over the phone.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative way of improving Internal Communications
  • Staff can hear information from Senior Management first-hand
  • Improved Staff Morale
  • Fast turnaround
  • Low Cost

From as little as 200 for a weekly programme.  

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