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We can provide your own Instore Radio Service - at very low cost!
Numerous studies have shown that having music in stores can make the shopping experience much more enjoyable, with a resultant increase in sales. 

Rather than just playing background music in your outlets, we would produce a regularly updated Radio Show to not only keep your customers entertained, but also provide an additional Marketing Opportunity.

This would involve a professional broadcaster actually talking to your customers and introducing a wide range of suitable music.

But the presenter would also make everyone aware of new Product Lines,  Special Offers, Promotions, Other Services, Credit Facilities, etc etc. Although the Show would be pre-recorded, it would be produced to sound live. We would recommend having a new Show each week, to keep it sounding fresh, and so that the latest information can be included. 

We can provide a similar service for Hotels, Leisure Centres, Entertainment Complexes, etc, with the same benefits of keeping customers informed and entertained. We can provide a service of just background music with interspersed announcements. However, research on broadcast radio has shown that listeners tend to take more notice of things the presenter is telling them than separate commercials.

The choice of music is very important, and at Wessex we have an extensive  record library. Part of our expertise is to carefully programme the right style of music  and balance of new and classic hits to closely target your customer profile.

Key Benefits:

  • Your Store's own dedicated Radio Station specially tailored to meet your needs
  • A better customer experience encouraging them to spend more time in your outlets
  • Additional Marketing opportunities
  • Fresh and up-to-date music and information
  • Low Cost


Instore Radio Programme for Allders 
A weekly-updated programme played throughout the Department Store  

This depends very much on your requirements - please contact us for a quotation.  

Live Services:
For companies wanting their own continuous LIVE Radio Service, we can now provide this at an affordable cost via Internet Streaming. Although this has previously been of poor quality, Broadband technologies now ensure that this can provide the same quality as FM radio. Please contact us for more details.

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