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Radio has two big advantages over all other media - the fact you can take in the information while doing other tasks as well as almost anywhere! 
Unlike Newspapers, Magazines, or the Internet you don't have to sit and read lots of information. You can listen to the radio while working, driving your car, doing the ironing - even in the bath! It's why Radio has even overtaken TV as the number one medium. 

You can have an expensive  full-page Advert in a Newspaper, and people can just turn the page straight over without reading it. But if you have a Commercial on the radio, everyone listening will hear it each time it is played!

Here at Wessex we have been producing Radio Commercials for 20 years. We can write your commercial, choose suitable Voice-Overs and Background Music, Sound Effects - even compose and produce your own Jingle!

We offer a very personal service with a fast turn-around


Radio Commercial for Suites For Less
Radio Commercial for Soundforce
Radio Commercial for Saks Tanning Salon
Radio Commercial for Darlington Golf Club
Radio Commercial for The Grange Nursing Home
Radio Commercial for Driving Force
Radio Jingle Written for Thrifty Car Rental

Key Benefits:

  • Personal Service
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Low Cost


From as little as 70 for a 30-second commercial.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements or ideas!

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