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Radio has two big advantages over all other media - the fact you can take in the information while doing other tasks as well as almost anywhere! 
Unlike Newspapers, Magazines or the Internet you don't have to sit and read lots of information. You can listen to the radio while working, driving your car, doing the ironing - even in the bath! It's why Radio has even overtaken TV as the number one medium. 

The PR Industry send out thousands of Press Releases to the Media every day, in the hope of getting publicity for their clients. 

That's all very well for Newspapers and Magazines, but not much good for Radio Stations! What they want is AUDIO!

A Syndicated Radio Feature is the Broadcast equivalent of a Press Release.

We can advise, script, produce and record a 3-4 minute feature suitable for broadcast to help promote your company's services or products. This would normally be in the form of one or more location interviews.

Once edited, the completed feature is then duplicated and sent as free editorial to appropriate radio stations all over the country. Their own presenter would then introduce the feature, from the Cue Sheet we would also enclose.


Syndicated Feature produced for Evo-Stick 
This was to promote their new range of Wood Finishes and consisted of a location interview with the company's DIY expert
Syndicated Feature for Queen Alexandra College
A location interview with two Instructors at this Midlands college that specialises in vocational training for people with disabilities  

Key Benefits:

  • Dynamic Marketing Method
  • Reaches huge potential audience
  • Low Cost


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