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How often do you send out costly Information Packs and Brochures to potential new clients, knowing that most will end up in the bin as the recipients are too busy to read them? Well here at Wessex we have an exciting new solution - a specially produced Radio Programme!
Radio has TWO big advantages over all other media - the fact you can take in the information while doing other tasks - plus the fact you can do it almost anywhere! You can listen to the radio while working, driving your car, doing the ironing - even in the bath! It's why it has even overtaken TV as the number one medium. 

But the same advantages real Radio has over other media can be utilised to promote your Company's product or services - we can produce a Radio Programme or Feature, duplicate it onto CD or Cassette and mail it to your potential clients!

A busy manager is far more likely to spend a few minutes listening to an interesting feature than reading through even the glossiest of brochures! Especially as they could do this while working or stuck in their car. A radio-style programme also has the same advantages over other marketing media - in this busy world who really has time to watch a video or an AV production on CD ROM?

We can script, produce and record a complete programme about your services or products - anything from 3 minutes to an hour long. We would suggest having interviews with key members of staff about the product, how it was developed, it's advantages over competitors, perhaps interviews with satisfied customers. This would all be produced into an interesting and informative documentary-style radio programme that will impress your potential clients.

The finished programme is then duplicated onto CD or Cassette and mailed to your potential clients.

Key Benefits:

  • Dynamic Marketing Method
  • Increased interest from clients
  • Fast turn-around of production
  • Easily updated
  • Low Cost


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