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We can provide your own Company Radio Service - at very low cost!
Numerous studies have shown that having background music for staff can make the working experience much more enjoyable.

But rather than just playing background music over your PA System, we would produce a weekly Radio Show to not only keep your staff entertained, but also informed about what's going on in the company.

 Having their own Radio Station would show your employees they are working for a company that cares, resulting in improved morale.

They can make record requests, give special mentions to work colleagues for Birthdays, Weddings etc. We'd also suggest regular competitions for fun or with a monthly prize.

But one of the biggest advantages is in improving Staff Communications. Whether you post notices, send e-mails, have your own Intranet site or even TV Screens - the reality is that most staff just don't make time to read all this information! Radio overcomes these problems - if they hear the Show, they will hear the information included in the programme.

We would suggest including details of new Product Lines or Services, changes in Working Practices, new Management, Job Opportunities - in fact anything you would normally want to inform staff about by traditional means. Some of the information would just be given by the Presenter between records, some may take the form of a short Interview - so staff could actually hear a member of Senior Management explaining something new!

We can also include details of Social Events, Staff Trips, Discount Schemes, visiting Roadshows, and it's a great way of telling your employees the results of any Feedback Forums. Plus the whole style of the Show and the choice of music would be carefully tailored to suit your Workforce.


We would normally produce a 75  minute Programme each week. If you have a PA System throughout the building we would suggest it is played several different times each week, so all the staff hear it at least twice.

However, if you only wanted to have the Programme in a Canteen or Rest Rooms (such as in Call Centres), we suggest having it on all day 3 days every week. By designing the 75-minute Show to be played in a continuous loop, and staggering the start times, staff would hear a different segment of the Programme each time they take a break.

The programme could also be made available to staff out-and-about, such as drivers or mobile engineers, via a simple Startphone App.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Staff Morale
  • Innovative way of improving Staff Communication
  • Staff can hear information from Senior Management first-hand
  • Fresh and up-to-date music and information
  • Low Cost

A weekly programme as outlined above from as little as 250 per week.  

Live Services:
For companies wanting their own continuous LIVE Radio Service, we can now provide this at an affordable cost via Internet Streaming. Although this has previously been of poor quality, Broadband technologies now ensure that this can provide the same quality as FM radio. Please contact us for more details.

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