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Whether you are a Radio Station looking for an independently  produced feature or programme, or a company with an idea for a programme you could sponsor, Wessex can produce a Show to meet your requirements!
We have experience of producing all-music programmes, shows with a special musical theme, or with celebrities. We also have our own extensive music library going back over 4 decades.

We have also produced a wide range of speech-based features and programmes. 

Programmes can also be recorded on location, or contain location or phone interviews.

Music Programmes:
Chart Shows
Decade Music (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's)
Themed Music (Rock, Disco, Romantic, etc)
Hits and Headlines
Artist Specials (Interview plus their music recordings)
Celebrity Specials (Interview plus their choice of music)

Speech Programmes:
Consumer Programmes (Holidays, Motoring, Medical, DIY, Legal, Gardening etc etc)
Celebrity Interviews
Political Interviews
Location Discussion Programmes
Location Quizzes

Key Benefits:

  • Doesn't tie up your own Presenters
  • Doesn't tie up your own Studio resources
  • Doesn't rely on your Record Library
  • Fixed Cost agreed up front


Depends very much on the project - please contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas.

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