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Our broadcast division, Wessex Radio Productions, not only produces regular programmes and features for radio stations, but also uses the same expertise to produce Audio for a range of different purposes. Check out these pages:
Broadcast Producing Radio Programmes and Features for Broadcast
Publicity Producing a Radio Press Release to publicise your company on the air
Marketing Producing a Radio-style Programme on CD or tape to market your company
Retail Radio Providing a Radio Service for In-Store PA Systems
Staff Radio An innovative way of improving your Internal Communications
Company FM   Producing a regular music-based Radio Show to keep all your staff in touch
Soundtrack Producing a Soundtrack for a Video or A/V Presentation
Radio Ads Producing a Radio Commercial for your Company
Event Audio Producing special Audio for live presentations, product launches, etc
Training Media Training plus Courses & Demos for Radio Presenters & Voice-Overs 
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