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Web Browser

To see all the features on this Website, it is best viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (version 8 or later). Most screen functions will work using Firefox or Chrome, but without a separate plug-in, you might not hear the sound automatically on pages that have it. 

Display Settings

This Website is designed to be viewed with your computer's Display set to the Internet standard resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Font size should be left in the default setting of "small fonts", and ideally your graphics card should be set to display at least High Colour (16-bit).

In the Browser settings, the Text Size should be left on the default setting of "Medium".

However, unlike many Websites, these Web pages have been designed to still fit on the screen and look acceptable with other display settings. If you have any problems, then e-mail us - see below.


Many pages on this Website have a soundtrack that should play automatically when the page opens. The sound files are encoded into Mp3 format, and as long as you are using Internet Explorer you should hear them automatically. Other browsers, such as Mozilla or Chrome, might not play embedded Mp3 files automatically without a special plug-in.

However, you can still play the Soundtrack associated with each page by pressing the Audio button, near the bottom of each page. This will launch your assigned Mp3 player (usually Windows Media Player).

If you can hear sounds normally on your computer but cannot hear any sounds on this website, then send an e-mail to us - the details are below. Please include as much information as possible.


This Website has been designed and produced by Wessex Radio Productions. If you need any help with a technical problem, or have any comments on the design of the site, please send an e-mail with full details to:


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